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Looking for a trusted partner for Gem trading in Sri Lanka? We offer variety of services from buying gems online to facilitating direct buying in Sri Lanka, Our goal is to connect the finest Ceylon gems to the world!

Our Services

   Buy Gems Online

   Request for Specific Gems

   Facilitate Direct Buying in Sri Lanka

Other Services

   Hand to Hand Service

   Testing & Certification

   Local Experts / Gemologist Consultation

Key Services

1.Buy Gems Online

At Ceylon Gem Hub we have a stock of carefully handpicked 100% natural precious & semi precious loose gemstones that are updated real time on the platform, buyers from anywhere in the world can purchase it online and get it delivered to your doorstep with ease of mind, you can follow the below steps to purchase gems online!

  1. Search for specific Gems in our online store by gem type, shape, colour, size & price etc!
  2. Select the prefered gems, review photos, videos and details such as dimensions, origin, treatment, delivery & payment etc!
  3. Once you are satisfied with the item/s click “Add to Basket” and proceed to checkout, by paying online using your credit card / paypal / wire transfer.
  4. Incase you need any further information of the gemstone click “Inquire Now” and submit your inquiry to us - (We will typically reply within 6 hours)
  5. Receive your gemstones by prefered courier within indicated timeline (more info on shipment)
  6. Incase if you are not happy with the purchase, we accept returns within 7 days of delivery. (more info on return policy)

2. Request for Specific Gems

Do you have requirements for specific gemstones? We can help you find the gem you are looking for!

Fill the form and send us a direct request with details of your requirements, With a network of over 200+ gem dealers across the world we will be able to help you with finding the stones that you need at the right time. Providing you a direct access to the live gem stocks from The Sri Lankan markets, as and when you have the requirement, providing you an efficient and convenient source of gem supply while eliminating different middleman / brokers, thereby being able to get the best pricing.


3. Facilitating Direct buying in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has become a key hub for gem trading in the world, as CGH is strategically located in the center of the world famous Chinafort gem market where over 2,000 gem merchants meet and trade 100s of varieties of gems from the mines of Sri Lanka as well as other popular mines around the world.

Many Internenational buyers of different scale & requirment prefer to visit "PATHE" market and and purchase gems directly from the dealers, CGH team who is on the ground in Chinafort Sri Lanka can facilitate A to Z for you to have convenient and hassle free business trips in Sri Lanka, with professional arrangements from accommodation, purchasing/trading office in the center of gem market, Informing of dealers about your requirements, local expert opinions/guidance on your selection, getting certification for selected gems as well as to help you on the payment and gem export process.

If you’re interested to visit Sri Lanka submit your request here:

Facilitating Direct buying

4. Hand to Hand Service

With over 3 decades of experience in the trade, CGH partners often visit different International markets, gem & jewellery exhibitions for business meetings and sell gemstones directly to our network of premium buyers. if you are interested to meet one of our partners directly to deal with your gemstones requirements and build a long term relationship. We are willing to consider visiting your country for a face to face meeting to discuss business opportunities and showcase some of the finest gemstones that you would be interested to purchase, drop us an email at info@ceylongemhub.com for more information.

Other Service

Local Experts / Gemologist Consultation

CGH is partnered with some of the highly qualified gemologists and experts in Sri Lanka, based on your requirement we are happy to get you connected with local experts for guidance and consultation sessions, be it for a specific gemstone or general guidance which will add immense value to your purchasing decisions. email us on info@ceylongemhub.com for more information.

Testing & Certification

We work with experienced partner organisations to test and certify gems using high-tech gem-testing instruments and methods that are in line with international standards. Most of the gemstones that is available on our platforms already comes certified by a popular local lab, however we can go to the next level by getting any gems certified by any recognized local or International testing lab which will ensure the authenticity of the gemstones before you purchase.

The list of International testing labs we support including:

  • Gem Research Swisslab: Gem Research Swisslab (GRS) is an internationally active private gemmological research company. GRS has offices in Switzerland, Thailand and Sri Lanka.
  • Gemological Institute of America: The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a leading world authority on diamonds, coloured stones and pearls.

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Member of Chinafort Gem and Jewellery Trade Association (CGJTA)
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