About Us

CeylonGemHub.com is an online marketplace for buying loose gemstones from the Sri Lankan Gem Market. We strive to provide a unique platform that will enable gem traders, collectors & end users across the world to gain direct access to the finest Ceylon gemstones as per their specific requirements thereby connecting the demand with the right supply at the right time!

Who We Are!

Ceylon Gem Hub is based in “PATHE” the world famous gem market located in Chinafort, Beruwala Sri Lanka, With the backing of 3 decades of experience in gem trading with direct access to the finest gemstones of ceylon and across the world, this along with the world class skills in computing and Internet technology in the founding team brings a unique blend of expertise to ensure the successful and long term business model that will benefit all stakeholders.

At ceylongemhub.com you will find a variety of both precious and semi-precious natural coloured gemstones originated from Ceylon as well as other popular origins such as Mozambique, Tanzania etc. Our gemstone inventory a combination of stocks owned by CGH as well from our 200+ partner gem dealers in Sri Lanka which brings us the ability to cater to any types of gemstone requirements.

Our Promise!

Ceylon Gem Hub is founded from the roots of trust, Honesty & pure passion for the Gem Industry which we are proudly being associated for the 3rd generation, our commitment towards these values is our first priority which leads us into a “Satisfaction” driven approach to ensure we always put our customers first!

1. Trust

At ceylongemhub.com we believe that trust is the price in trade, therefore fair trade is one of our key principles, we achieve this by ensuring that we carefully handpick each & every gem and it’s authenticity is verified by a partner gemologist before it is published on our platform, we also offer the service of getting gemstones certified by your prefered testing lab to provide you further ease of mind on your purchase.

2. Honesty

We believe in absolute transparency in our business, and have hence gone to great lengths to list full details of our gemstones including high quality images & video. We’re further willing to share any additional information as well as expert opinion to ensure the gemstone you select is exactly what you need. We value satisfaction over sales, long terms partnership over a one time deal hence we have a transparent return policy to further instill confidence in our customers.

3. Professionalism

The founders of CGH contains a unique blend of expertise from 3 decades of gemstone trading to global qualified IT & digital business professionals, this will ensure you will experience a fresh whiff of professionalism that can often be eluding in typical family-owned gem business. We have a great system in place on our back-end operations to ensure that you get a quality experience that will make sure we build a long term relationship with each and every customer.

The Story!

Mr M. Iqbal Fassy the Chairman of Ceylon Gem Hub was born in Beruwala located in the southern coast of Sri Lanka (A city well known for gem trading for over 10 decades) he began his career as a gem merchant when he was a young teenager, he initially started making weekly trips to Rathnapura the city of gems using his pocket money back in 1975. He gradually gained expert knowledge by dealing with different types of rough stones, this lead him to become an expert in buying rough gemstones directly from the different mines of Sri Lanka and converting them into beautiful piece of fine gems, Mr Iqbal built a strong relationship with the best gem miners in Sri Lanka with his dedication and honesty.

Mr Iqbal’s passion for fine gemstones led to the founding of Ilma Gems his first venture in 1990s, through which he was focused on Sri Lanka’s premier colored gemstone, the sapphire. Mr Iqbal is particularly renowned for his expertise in Blue Sapphire, Padparcha & Rubies among others in the market he also found an opportunity in the booming tourism industry in Sri Lanka and founded his next venture “Jewelcraft” a Gem & Jewellery store focusing on custom requirements of tourist.

Mr. Iqbal’s vision towards connecting the finest ceylon gems to the International market brought his well educated 2nd generation to explore the opportunities in the digital space, as a result ceylongemhub.com was found together with his son Mr. Infas Iqbal and son-in-law Mr. Shazan Murzi

Mr. Shazan Murzi holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from East-West University, Chicago, U.S.A., Shazan moved back to Sri Lanka after completing his education and field experience in United States to follow his family roots in gem trading and now is a full time time licensed gem trader based in China Fort Gem Market. While Mr. Infas Iqbal holds a bachelor's degree in Business Management from Staffordshire University, UK. He is an expert in digital arena & E-commerce with over 10 years of experience in the field.

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